Fall Colors at Fernwood

Helianthis divaricata

This time of year color in the garden comes from foliage as well as late blooming plants. The scene changes almost daily, much like in the spring when all the plants are awakening, only now most are preparing to sleep. But some plants put on a last minute show with their flowers,while others do it with their leaves. A few examples of these in our gardens today are shown here.

Hydrangea tardiva

We love this time of year when the pace has slowed and more time is available to enjoy our gardens. Perhaps it is the plants as well as the shorter days that are urging us to pause and thoroughly enjoy the rest of the growing season while it lasts. We hope you are finding things in your own gardens to delight in at this time of year.

Tricyrtis myazaki (Toad Lilly)

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