Just Arrived at Fernwood

Pippin and her brand new babies

Pippin and her brand new babies

Our first lambs of the season were born this morning. Our ewe, “Pippin,” timed her delivery just as we arrived at the barn to do morning chores. Much better than the middle of the night! Pip is an old pro and delivered a set of twins without needing any assistance. We have rarely had to help deliver during lambing season; sheep tend to be pretty easy going and efficient at birthing. The stress for me comes after the birth…waiting for the lambs to get their wobbly legs beneath them and to start nursing. Again, it is not very often but occasionally a lamb may have trouble nursing or a ewe refuses to respond to her motherly instincts and we end up bottle feeding the lamb. This has only happened with my flock perhaps twice in all the years of raising sheep. I have been lucky with good mothers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Despite the blustery weather and snow showers, all is well with our new arrivals. They are up and around and (thankfully) enjoying the benefits of their mother’s milk…and not surprising, they don’t look a thing like Wallace.Fernwood baby rams

2 comments on “Just Arrived at Fernwood

  1. I would name them Romulus and Remus. The twins from mythology who were abandoned but then saved by a series of miraculous interventions: the river carries them to safety, a she-wolf finds and suckles them, and a woodpecker feeds them. A shepherd and his wife find them and foster them to manhood, as simple shepherds.

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