Winter Aconite

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWinter aconite ( Eranthis hyemalis) is one of the first plants to flower in late winter/early spring, often blooming before crocuses. Some years they even push through the snow in order to bloom. They are an early source of nectar for insects and bees. Prefering evenly moist soil in full sun to part shade, they will spread and naturalize, to the point of being invasive in some cases. But large colonies of them, especially in a woodland setting, is hard to consider invasive. The plant is toxic, and therefore seldom bothered by deer, rabbits, or unbenefficial insects. After flowering and setting seed, the foliage will die back, making room for other plants that bloom later in the season.

It is one of the plants we look so forward to in early spring. A burst of bright yellow flowers amongst the otherwise drab landscape. We have a nice bunch growing just beneath the arbor and along the footpath to the house. We pass it many times a day and because it blooms before most other plants, it truly takes center stage. A Fernwood favorite and one we often recommend to our customers.

One comment on “Winter Aconite

  1. Beautiful Nicci – looks so nice to see flowers popping out. We have crocus but I’m waiting mpatiently for my hummingbird flowers but it will be 2 or 3 more weeks they tell me before I can hang those. I have to limit just to what I can handle. Want to try just one or two trumpet vines if I can but I have to learn about them first. I have learned they will need something fto climb up so will have to make sure I get a trellis. As you can see I am definitely a novice!
    Sending my love and a big hug

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