Mid Winter

Yes, the 2013 season has come and gone and we have not been very attentive to our blog enteries. Nothing to say? Hardly. It does seem that the needs of our physical world sweep us up and sitting down at the computer to say a few things……. well, gets put on the back, back burner. But here we are, mid winter, and looking out at our frozen landscape knowing what’s just around the corner. The seed catalogs are spread across the table, Rick is working on plant labels, and the position of the sun tells me that it won’t be long.

So far, it’s been an unusual winter here in maine…….an ice storm, way below zero temps, and then a stretch of balmy (42 degrees) weather. Snow, no snow, and then snow again. I prefer snow and cold, at least for this time of year, when it really is winter, after all. We always feel some disappointment when we are not able to go snowshoeing and ice fishing or to have the extreme freezing temps drive us indoors and fireside. You know……. hot chocolate, a good book, some knitting, cozy slippers, and maybe some venison stew simmering on the stove. Not bad.

 All said, we will make an effort to visit the blog. I know as we near the 2014 gardening season, we’ll have more to share.

Hope everyone is enjoying their mid winter days , blessings to all!

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