Wait and See

This winter has been quite challenging with regards to weather patterns. It’s true that we enjoy the leisure of winter and being able to have a break from the busy growing season, but still, plants are never far from our thoughts. Especially when the conditions are severe or temperatures flucuate, causing some concern for the plants survival. During this last ice storm, we heard many folks comment on how beautiful the landscape looked encased in ice. True, but seeing trees and shrubs overburdened and bent to the breaking point, causes them and us some distress. Some of the woody ornamentals in the display beds were pushed to the limit, with the branches on a few actually breaking.This could mean years worth of growth is lost or at least severely set back. Not much we can do……just wait and see.

Days are getting longer, our food freezers are showing signs of use, and soon the maples will be tapped for this years sap collection. No doubt we’ll have snow, freezing temperatures, and balmy days in the upcoming forecasts. Here in Maine, where the weather can be unpredictable, we learn to just roll with it.


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