Cruising the Countryside

DSC_0413It won’t be long before I am elbow deep in soil mixture, carefully placing tiny seeds into their pots. Leeks and onions first, some herbs, and then on to the tomatoes and peppers. Right now however, I am back on one of my trips to Ireland and cruising the countryside. A visit this morning to the Black Valley at the Gap of Dunloe to pass along a photograph . A sheep farmer ( 400 hundred head) had us take a photo of her buying a colt at one of the fairs last year. Ireland has had terrible weather during the last month…trees down everywhere and flooding. It was no easy task driving the flooded roads to deliver the picture, but we made it. Sally sat on the hood of her car, taking pictures, while I drove the windy roads through the gap. We often like to pretend we are on safari….ha. Sally is a good sport and doesn’t seem too concerned about sliding off the hood  and down over the cliffs of the Gap.DSC_0423

DSC02112Also, we have found a wonderful Border Collie that we are quite tempted to bring along home with us. I forgot to mention , Rooney, the little Wire Terrier we brought back to the states during our last visit. He is now living a rather charmed and comfy life with Sally’s sister. This farm dog is a gem, very friendly and loving and I am certain would be a fine shepherd for someones flock. Any takers?DSC02121

4 comments on “Cruising the Countryside

  1. Nicci – any way you can sneak that Border Collie to my house? He’s so cute. I don’t have a flock of anything but he’d get plenty of attention and love.
    Your triip sounds so fantastic and interesting and I sure wish I was with you. I hope you are getting decent weather now. Have a good time because it sounds like you have your work cut out for you back at Fenwood. Love You – and love the pictures. That Border Collie would love Fernwood –

    • Hi Jane,
      You would be the absolute best person in the world for the border collie…spoiled beyond belief but i think you would need a flock of sheep to keep him busy. Wish you were here,too….you would love it.

  2. Hi Nicie

    Cousin Ron said to tell you and I also want to say, glad you are having a great time in the Ole Sod!!!!! We both enjoy your blog so much. Your Mom sends and shares it with us. I also have a girlfriend Jean,that loves plants and flowers and I share it with her. We do talk about you a lot and what a wonderful place you have in Maine.

    Ron said to tell you that your great grandparents came from the Northern Part of Ireland, Drumtree, outside of Belfast! I am not sure how to spell Drumtree? You are probably aware of that already.

    Mark was in Ireland twice with his girl Geri and they loved it.

    Stay well and Enjoy. Love ya, Barb and Ron

    • Thank you to both of you. It is beautiful here, I enjoy my visits and work here very much. Can you get the right spelling for the town outside of Belfast? Where was Mark when he visited Ireland. Thanks for reading!

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