Thinking Small

WaltersGardens-LO21567-HostaMini-SkirtPPAFThe display garden that got the most attention this past summer, hands down, was the area planted with miniature hosta. Fernwood has a large and varied selection of hosta, we try and have something for everyone’s taste and needs. The mini’s were a big hit this last season. We have some choice selections and created an area just for them, along with some miniature ferns and wildflowers. The mini’s come in many varities. A great selection of colors and leaf texture and are perfect for small spaces. We have planted several into containers with good luck and have had no trouble over-wintering them this way.WaltersGardens-LO20807-HostaCurly-Fries
As many of you know, Fernwood is often a destination stop for hosta lovers (and native plants,too), many of our customers shop to add to an already existing collection. There are hosta gardeners who shop just for the large varieties, the variegated or blue leaf selections, and for specifically named cultivars. The mini’s seem to be getting a lot of attention and requests over the last years and we have been continuing to expand the selection we offer. Some great new Mini Hosta varieties will fill the rows at Fernwood Nursery this summer. Come and see for yourselves!

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