Helping Hands

Picture 064The nursery is getting some much appreciated help right now from our young friend, Emily. It’s helpful when your son has a cool girlfriend who wants to learn about plants and growing things. Emily has been helping in the greenhouse, filling pots and sowing seeds. Picture 065Yesterday she hauled some wood and started cleaning sheep fleeces. She reminds us of Pippi Longstocking. She’s smart and strong and has a good head on her shoulders. And she’s funny. When she isn’t wearing her Carhart overalls, she sports an eclectic wardrope of funky leggings ( even some stripes and mismatched socks, like Pippi), skirts, usually a thrifted wool sweater,and tall rubber boots( turned down). She’s “cool beans” and we are glad to have her help and company. When the kids were little and we spent hours reading aloud from chosen chapter books……Pippi Longstocking was on the top list. I’m wondering if this had anything to do with Noah choosing a girlfrind that’s independent and fiesty. I like to think so.
So, with helping hands, all the peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, leek, and onion seeds have been planted. We’re getting there!

3 comments on “Helping Hands

  1. Nicci – how lucky to have this help at such a busy season. Besides all the wonderful qualities Emily has I’d like to mention her beautiful smile. Noah is a lucky guy too!

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