“>Picture 230Over the last week, we have been processing the final pig we butchered. All the major cuts….chops, roasts, hams, and loin are wrapped and in the freezer. The bacon is curing in its brine. A variety of savory and sweet sausage are linked or formed into patties. This morning I made scrapple using my grandmother’s old recipe. We often ate scrapple for breakfast as a kid while with her. I love it as much as bacon, and certainly more than sausage. My aunt Jane, my grandmother’s youngest daughter, who is also a fantastic cook, shared this recipe card with me a long time ago. I don’t think she’s in the habit of butchering her own pigs, but I know for certain she’d approve of all this “pork making”. If she lived a little closer, I would be sharing plenty of homemade Italian sausage with her for her well known and epic spaghetti sauce ( long before it was cool to do so, she was rolling out her own handmade manicotte dough).Picture 228Scrapple is basically a mush of cooked pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and spices. It is then formed into loaves and set to chill until it firms up and congeals. Later, you can slice it and fry it……. it’s really, really good. Not kidding. It is traditional to the Pennsylvania Dutch who refer to it also as Pon Hause.
We will freeze most of what we made and share some with neighbors. I know of one friend who summers on the lake and will be arriving here shortly, who will be over promptly to get his share of scrapple.
Today, we will be cooking down the pig fat for lard, which by the way, was used to grease the scrapple pans. Nothing wasted.

home made lard

home made lard

6 comments on “Scrapple

  1. Nicci – you sure brought memories back both of Scrapple and Gram (my mom). I was trying to remember what it tasted like but drew a blank. You can be sure I will be calling markets today to find out where I can get some. I would like to taste it again and of course would prefer your home made. Joel remembered it also and so did John. I’ll let you know the results of my search. What else is next? Love you and wish I was there.

      • The Swedish Fruit Soup I don’t remember Nicci. Mom’s best friend was a Swedish gal and no dodubt that’s where the soup came from. Do you make that as well?

        • I have not yet but think I will. I do remember the first time Gram made it and asking me if I would like some “fruit soup”……I thought, oh yuck…then tried it and ate almost the entire bowl. It was a stewed fruit soup then served cold. Very refreshing. I’ll let you know. It has dawned on me that amongst all the recipe cards you sent….I seemed to have ended up with some of the more”unusual” ones. I think there’s one for cooking tripe….I’m sending that back to you. ha!

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