If You Were Coming For Lunch…….

jpg”>Picture 182If you were coming to have lunch at Fernwood today, corn chowder is what you’d be served. Corn chowder made with garden grown frozen corn, potatoes and onions that were stored in the pantry, a bit of homemade chicken stock, fresh Jersey milk and our own smokey salt pork…… and also a lonely sweet potato that needed using up. Your choice of tea or coffee.
Picture 233Picture 190You would probably notice the dyed yarn and roving from todays project and the seedlings that are doing their best to grow strong and healthy. Picture 236The only difficulty…….would be the getting here. Yup, spring is here and the soil is warming. Did I say soil? I meant mud. Picture 235

2 comments on “If You Were Coming For Lunch…….

    • Hi Billy,
      Soup always seems to be the “go to” meal when trying to use up any food from the freezer or pantry. Start making room for this years supply! The book can be ordered from afairday.com , Sally’s website. We will be heading over this fall for another round of interviews and recordings…possibly another book. Thank you for reading the blog and checking in!

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