Sourdough Bialys and Some Dyed Skeins

Picture 260With the nursery opening for the season, time spent in the kitchen baking bread or dyeing wool slides to the back burner. We will continue to have our bread customers through the summer, and much of the wool being processed will be available for sale as well. So everything needs to get done. However, squeezing in the time for these tasks becomes a chore in itself. Today I baked several orders of sourdough bialys. Bialys are a bit like bagels, but are not boiled before they are baked. Bialy is a Yiddish word for “chewy yeast roll”. The word originated from Bialystoker, referring to a city in Poland. Bialys were brought to America by jewish immigrants. They are basically a yeasted bun (in this case sourdough) with a place in the middle for onions, garlic, or poppy seeds. Typically, you bake them less than you would a traditional loaf in order to maintain a chewy texture. I baked dozens of bialys to send out to customers, and a few extra to satisfy hungry mouths here at home.Picture 254
At least twice a week, I try and dye fiber (wool) or yarn and then get some spinning in. We will be shearing sheep in the next few days, so a new batch of fleeces will be needing attention. Wool can easily pile up. Rick feels certain that we have enough at the moment to insulate an entire house. As if I’d let him use my wool for that! Ha. Picture 262

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