Todays Tasks

Picture 297First off, this collage of winter accessories will be taken down and stored away. Despite the low temperatures still causing a nip in the air, I am refusing to wear our winter wool attire any longer. As much as I love wool.
Today, we will be busy potting up selections of these beauties.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have several varieties but a limited number. One of the highlights here at the nursery is when the showy ladyslippers are in bloom.
In the wee hours of the morning, before those greater tasks need our attention, I get a little creative time in. I love hand sewing and these little woodland dwellers remind me of the elves my grandmother use to make. I’d like to make an entire village of them. That’s what early mornings are for.Picture 282Picture 301

3 comments on “Todays Tasks

    • Hello Amy,
      yes…begone winter layers……ah flip flops, actually I hardly ever wear flip flops but feel inclined to consider them after the long winter we’ve had. Don’t get me wrong…I love winter. As much as digging in the soil and planting seeds and growing food. Life and its cycles! Thank you so much for checking in. I am enjoying your blog, so much. Happy Easter..enjoy this glorious day! denise

      • Hi Denise,
        Growing up in Vermont, gave me a great love of spring. Luckily Alabama’s winters are dull & ugly & super short. All the seasons are. Although here, summer is the tough one to get through. A sauna. I hide indoors like i did in my Vermont winters. I wish your feet some freedom from boots soon. Nothing quite like the cool grass between toes that have been wrapped in socks & incased in boots. 🙂 ~amy

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