The Nature Of Things



The last week has been a busy one. Fernwood opens on May 3rd, and the lingering type of winter we’ve had has pushed spring back. This means that many of the jobs we do early on in the season, couldn’t really be done until it warmed up and the ground became workable. ( oh, and we had to wait for the snow to melt, that too).Picture 332
Now that the conditions for getting those jobs done are possible, we’re on a tear to finish them before opening day. Rick and I go about this differently. I scurry around feeling the urgency and need for every task to be tended to, right away. I fret a bit, I sigh a lot, I make lists and race to get an item crossed off. I wonder why we run a nursery that puts us on high alert once spring arrives. Most days, I feel that another 6 hours would have helped. I do this to myself. I’m the one who looks around and sees the enormity of what still needs to be done and feels overwhelmed by it. We both work from sunup to sundown. Rick has a much different approach (thank goodness) and after a few days of me scurrying around acting like Lucille Ball wrapping candy at the conveyor machine, his steady and methodic nature helps to temper mine. He has always approached work with more of a ” one thing at a time” attitude.
o.k. this is just a little too relaxed

o.k. this is just a little too relaxed

He gets a lot done, and I don’t ever see the same panic in his eyes, that I often feel. He reminds me to breath, to not get whipped up and carried away with this self imposed driving nature, I seem to be in possession of. He’s right. Most everything will get done, and the things that don’t will wait their turn.The nursery opens and the place will look great. Rick will remind me of this and his calm and mellow nature is a help to my ” busy” one. It really is a blessing to work together and I appreciate Rick’s temperament. ( now get out of that pot!)
emerging peony

emerging peony

Also, the plants, each one that reflects the very reason why we choose to do what we do, are emerging in their own timely fashion and should serve as our best indicator of ” all in due time”. They’ve got it figured out.
When I look around and see a million things that need doing, and I can’t seem to keep up with the pace of things ( my self imposed pace, that is)…..I feel like Lucy. Enjoy!

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