This For That

Picture 429 We live in a community where bartering is common. All sorts of items and services are offered up on a regular basis without any monetary transaction. I have one very close friend who I swap, barter, or gift things with almost weekly. I tease her and say that our relationship is like a big “Go Fish” game. I call up to find out if she has any rennet ( for making cheese), she’ll call to see if there are extra canning jars available. “Do you have any wide wale blue corduroy?” “yep”, I say. “Oh, do you have any extra seed pots?” she may ask. Of course, we always have plenty of those.

Picture 396But this is the first time we’ve collectively had an organized swap. It’s great to go through the things you no longer need, or to find something you make, that can then be offered for something else. I love watching the ease with which my good neighbors traded for things. More value is put on their relationship than the things being swapped. It’s nice when a deal is sealed with a smile and a hug. We used the town office building and gathered with our wares( or services) to see what kind of trades could be made.

Picture 418We drank tea and ate scones and cookies, too. Here are some example of the swaps that were offered up: Picture 407Picture 413 Picture 409Picture 432Picture 415Picture 405
Everyone went home with something, and there was lots of chatter about another swap in the future. Maybe one for each season…..we’ll see. My favorite swap? This great book I traded heirloom tomato seedlings for.Picture 434

2 comments on “This For That

  1. Swapping is excellent – sounds like a great event! And it doesn’t even have to be a monetary equal value to things, imo, the joy of being able to provide something useful is as great as finding something!

    • Hi Pia, It was a fun day and you are right about how value changes when bartering. Perhaps it is because the value is set between the two people who are swaping and there is no pre-set value imposed, as there would be if you were out buying something. Bartering is a great source of currency. I appreciate living in a community that engages in bartering on a regular basis.

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