Trash and Treasures

a vessel and stand found at Trash and Treasures, hosta from Fernwood.

a vessel and stand found at Trash and Treasures, hosta from Fernwood.

Today we made a trip over to one of our favorite places……Trash and Treasures in Searsport, Maine. We had to do it, the traffic in Maine will soon pick up and all the good trash/ treasure will be fair game to all who travel route one.
Picture 520Mostly, I’m concerned about my friend Sally. I love her like a sister, but goodness knows, she has an eye for anything that has the potential to be upcycled, recycled. or repurposed. When Sally and I go rooting around places that may have old iron, abandoned farm parts, doors, windows, or anything else that has been cast aside, she has what one would call a hounds nose for the good stuff. So, I had to go to Trash and Treasures before she got home for the summer or there would be nothing left. This way I stay one up on her. I’m actually going to send her pictures of the goodies I found today…just to rub it in a bit. Don’t worry or feel sorry for her, she’ll find her own amazing junk and enough salvage to keep her busy all summer. But if your looking for some cool vessels to plant some of your hostas in or a weathered pot for some hardy succulents…….check out Trash and Treasures in Searsport, Maine. Jeff, the owner, is a great guy and keeps his place well stocked with ” treasures”. You can easily spend a couple of hours rummaging through the big barn where old wooden boxes, tools, tables, and every kind of building remnant can be found. Here at Fernwood, we can always find a plant that looks great growing in an old…..”something” that we found at Trash and Treasures. Right now, we are stocked with a great selection of mini hostas, all of which work very well in containers. Sally will be home soon, I better go back tomorrow and dig for more stuff. If you’re in the area, go visit Trash and Treasures, you’re sure to find something to put a favorite hosta into! Picture 526Picture 523Picture 515Picture 522

2 comments on “Trash and Treasures

  1. Was on a trip to Maine with a gardening group and we stopped here. There were 12 of us in 2 vans so there was not a lot of spare room especially since we had been to your nursery. I found this wonderful metal lattice grate about 3′ x 5′ with a circle cut out in the center and HAD to buy it. We somehow got it in the van with a bribe of a dinner for the driver. It now hangs on the side of a small shed and reminds me every day of that wonderful trip.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Sounds like a “must have” and probably looks great on the shed. Sometimes we just can’t pass these things up. If we were not so busy, I would be over at Trash and Treasures every other day! Hope your gardening season is going well and thanks for reading.
    denise and rick

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