Blessed With A Rainy Day

Picture 569We were glad to hear the rain last night. Of course, we knew it was coming and spent a bit of the afternoon getting some things into the vegetable gardens that we knew the rain would help. Onions, potatoes, beans, more spinach and greens, the rest of the broccoli and cabbage. Noah, along with his friend Brandon, planted the hoop house with tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. This morning we woke to continued rain and this allowed us some indoor time. No sense rushing out ( whew!). So what do we do when we’re limited to what we can accomplish outdoors? Picture 578There are always plant labels to print. We catch up on email correspondence. We work in the greenhouse. We make food…….hoping to stock the fridge with good meals for the week, when the rain isn’t blessing the plants with a good watering and us with a break from the action outdoors. Chicken from the freezer is cooked. Fresh greens are brought in. Beans are soaked. The food we grow continuing to sustain us throughout the year.Picture 577

One comment on “Blessed With A Rainy Day

  1. I am in New Haven, lots to bare witness too. Can’t wait to get home, I feel trash and treasures calling me but I know all the god stuff is gone

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