To Portland and Back

Picture 633I don’t often drive the couple of hours it takes to get to Portland. Most would say that it’s pretty difficult to root me out of our own little rural community, here in Montville. There is some truth to this. I can find all kinds of reasons to never even leave home. Home is just a nice place to be, there’s nothing wrong with that. But every once in a while, a reason to go to Portland does come up and off I go. And…it’s pretty fun. Portland, Maine is a very cool place. It’s small, as far as cities go, but big enough to find a little bit of everything. The food…awesome. Art…everywhere. Good coffee, good beer, good sushi, good energy. It’s actually kind of fun to leave the humble hills of Montville to experience the buzz of a “big community”. For sure, Portland does have community. Portland is vibrant. One of the best things I did in Portland , was to visit a great little garden shop on Pleasant Street, called Fiachre. Named after the Irish St. Fiachre, patron saint of all plants and gardens. If you are in Portland…go. You will want to oogle everything and go home with most of it. It’s full of greeny goodness and terra cotta vessels, lovely statuary, beautifully crafted sissors for snipping spent blossoms, and glass terrariums filled with delicate little ferns and glistening moss. When I do leave home, I want to go to places like this. I just do. And I will…the next time a dear friend roots me up and away from our own delightful world here at Fernwood.
Once home, I still had the opportunity before dark to make the rounds and oogle some of our own favorite things growing in the display gardens. Here are a few examples of what’s blooming right now:

Glaucidium palmatum

Glaucidium palmatum

Epimedium 'Orion' seedling

Epimedium ‘Orion’ seedling

Caltha palustris 'Flore Pleno'  Marsh Marigold

Caltha palustris ‘Flore Pleno’ Marsh Marigold

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