Everyday A Bounty

Picture 647This time of year, our life is enriched with plants from both the nursery and the vegetable garden. Everyday a bounty. A great joy is to walk out in the early morning and tour the display gardens, taking notice of new growth, buds, and blossoms. The shades of green, the colorful blooms….a feast for the eyes. In the vegetable garden, a different feast awaits us . Picture 750The long rows of spinach are being harvested. Some of this being eaten fresh and some being blanched and frozen for winter meals. Greens and asparagus are being brought in and eaten daily. The tatsoi and pak choi harvested, sauteed with garlic and onions, a bit of red pepper, and eaten with a bowl of brown rice. Such sustenance from both farm and nursery. At the end of the day, after tending to all the plants we grow, we consider the significance that plants have in our own lives and in the world. Encouraging others to grow a garden, whether it be strictly ornamental or a vegetable plot for growing one’s food, is a conversation and practice we are always happy to take part in. Picture 751

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