Fleece Flower and Puck’s Fleece

Persicari polymorpha

Persicari polymorpha

One of the most striking plants in bloom at the nursery right now is Fleece flower or Persicaria polymorpha, syn.(Polygonum polymorpha). Native to the highlands of China and Japan, this knotweed is unlike any of the others. It is not a garden thug, does not spread viciously, and does not seed out in an invasive way. Instead, it forms a large clump 4-6′ high and often as wide. It is covered with white astilbe-like flowers throughout the summer. Given the space in full sun to part shade, you will have a very large perennial that certainly draws a lot of attention in the garden.
Picture 1008The other fleece we are admiring right now is Puck’s fleece. Puck is one of our rams who has been servicing another flock over the last year. His fleece is the last one to be picked over and readied for washing later in the summer. Puck is a Blue Face Leicester with a bit of Cormo breeding as well. His fleece is very soft and lustrous, and I am looking forward to spinning it. A good rainy day project was to spread his fleece out in the greenhouse to remove any manure and chaff. Emily helped with this task and was quite good at picking out even the smallest bit of vegetable matter. Thanks Emily! At the moment, we are sourcing a new ram for breeding this fall. It’s time to bring some new genetics to the flock and Puck will be moving on to meet some new ladies and earn his keep on a new farm. Of course, we will be continuing with the Blue Face Leicester breed. We appreciate the quality of the fleece this breed offers, it is long, lustrous, and soft, with good crimp. All favorable qualities for spinning and felting. They are also a quiet breed to work with, our ewes are quite friendly and docile. We will let readers know when the new ram appears on the scene!Picture 1010

2 comments on “Fleece Flower and Puck’s Fleece

  1. Hi, wondering if you are selling your present ram, and if so we might be interested depending on the price. Could not tell if you already have a buyer.
    Marty and Mary Ann at a Wrinkle in Thyme Farm.
    Also we are interested in dyeing with plants.

    • Hi Marty,
      He is over at a friends farm right now and I will check and see if she plans on using him this fall. I’ll call her this weekend. I am dyeing with the tansy I collected ( and dried) from last summer, over the next week. Do you dye your own wool there? Sorry I missed you when you came to the nursery….hope we will meet again soon.

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