These Summer Days

Picture 994This week we have been busy with these things……..picking strawberries and preparing them for the freezer, harvesting broccoli, peas, swiss chard, and kale, and removing the scapes off the garlic. We’re mowing the lawn (again and again), potting new plants and sowing freshly collected seed from the display beds. We have been haying, spreading compost, moving sheep fence, and cleaning the chicken coop. We weed, dead head the spent flowers, re-edge the beds, and spread mulch ( grass clippings and composted leaves). We cut some firewood and stacked the pile in the shed. We eat fresh salad everyday, drink gallons of sun tea, and grill rather than cook inside on blistering hot days. We jump in the lake…..almost everyday. These days are filled with activity and the seasonal chores that come with summer. The days are hazy but certainly not lazy. Picture 797

2 comments on “These Summer Days

    • yes…..and doing so well in that slightly shady spot. We also have them in a full sun area, but they certainly hold their blooms a bit longer in the cool shade. Do you have them?

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