Just A Quick Follow Up

Picture 1116Picture 1102The tansy? Here’s how it went. First, I must confess…..the little shephards stove I brought back from Ireland for the sole purpose of dyeing wool…was not my trusty assistant today. Too hot to be messing around ( and tending ) to a wood-fired stove today. Sorry, but it will have its day, I promise. The dyeing went well. An interesting note, ( and a personal bias, I’m sure), I threw in some merino yarn that was given to me and was not thrilled with the outcome.Picture 1110Picture 1108Picture 1115( merino yarn on far left, BFL skeins from our sheep on right) It took the dye fairly well, but a bit lighter because I threw it in as an after thought. Merino just doesn’t have the shine some other sheep breeds have. Blue Face Leicester is naturally lustrous and I think it shows color and texture really well. The gold color from the tansy is very nice, very warm and earthy, it almost has a bronze hue to it. Quite lovely. I saved the remainder of the dye bath, and will throw in some raw ( but washed) wool today and expect to get a bit lighter shade of the yellow. Though the merino was sort of dull in comparison, I’ll use the yarn for socks. They’ll be soft, and no one will comment on me wearing ‘dull’ socks. All in all, tansy does produce a beautiful shade of yellow, and I’m glad to have it close by to harvest. As soon as the tansy is in bloom again, I’ll be picking more. Later in the fall, when the nursery and farm quiets down, a natural dye workshop is on the list to offer as a class here at Fernwood. We’ll let you know when and keep you posted with ‘all things wool’ until then.

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