Making Shade

A few tomatoes brought in from the jungle

A few tomatoes brought in from the jungle

As summer moves into one of its hottest months, plantng the next succession of greens, spinach , and brassicas, can be challenging. We begin new seedlings in the big greenhouse which is covered with shade cloth. The shade cloth keeps the temperature down considerably and allows us to sow seed collected from the nursery. We also start sowing seeds for late season vegetables. Brassicas, spinach, and greens are not lovers of high temperatures ( the peppers and eggplant, on the other hand, are loving it). As we begin to replant some beds with these fall crops, we also create some micro- environments of shade to keep these plants happy. Our very excellent wwoofer, Jaime, built this over one of our raised beds.Picture 1123 Despite constant weeding and keeping the paths mulched, the garden takes on the appearance of a jungle. The tomatoes stretch themselves into neighboring beds, the squash meander throughout, and the bean plants become so lush that the beans hide discreetly within. A bounty in the form of chaos. The ornamental gardens don’t become so wild. They are managed and kept a bit more refined. I’m sure they’re looking over at the vegetable gardens and saying ” for goodness sakes, tidy yourselves up a bit, won’t you”. It’s all fine and we are appreciating all the fresh bounty that is making its way into the house. Last night……fresh greenbeans, broccoli and tomato quiche, salad, and blueberry pie. We will not complain about the nature of that unruly vegetable garden, it’s doing its job just fine. We are also busy clearing a spot for a small studio building. Yes, cutting wood and hauling brush when it’s 86 degrees out. At least it’s in a wooded area and perhaps a degree or two cooler. Picture 1151While moving pots in the stock area, I found a ( another) pair of Rick’s reading glasses. The glass was not broken but they could use a little dusting off. Goodness.Picture 1154 We continue to restock the nursery with new plants. Many new varieties of hosta that have been waiting on the sidelines to be divided and put out. I like this time of year when we begin pulling things from the stock area and giving them a place in the nursery rows. It’s like starting all over again and keeps the sales area chock full.
Our July hypertufa class is this Saturday and we are looking forward to another group coming. Liza Gardner Walsh will be coming August 1st from 10:00 to 12:00 for an adult fairy garden class and talk. We’ll be hearing about the history and lore of fairy gardens and then building some small fairy garden accessories…..tiny trellises, gates, and tables, etc. Come join us if you would like, there are still some spots open. Check out our class page to do so and for more information. Happy mid summer gardening to everyone and we hope your season is going well!

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