Picture 1164If you ever want to grow just one type of vegetable that will make you feel like the best gardener in the world, give you the feeling of endless bounty, and keep you harvesting baskets full of summer goodness on a daily basis……grow greenbeans. We pick them, being sure to collect every bean that is close to edible size, and still they grow overnight and need to be picked again the very next day. We prepared 10 pounds of beans for the freezer today, and enjoyed an ample serving of them for dinner as well. Tomorrow we are expecting rain, and this means no picking……..I can only imagine what will await us in the bean patch the following day. Oh my.

3 comments on “Greenbeans

    • Hi kari,
      yes, you can do the same with sugar snaps. wash them first, use a paring knife to remove the string along the side ( bean or pea).and them blanch in boiling water….we use a steaming basket to hold the vegetables…for 3-4 minutes. The time of blanching does depend a bit on the size of the vegetable. Drain them after blanching and run cold water on them to keep them from cooking anymore. I pat them dry a bit before packaging them in freezer bags, to remove a bit of the excess water.I find they freeze better this way. Try and get as much air out of the freezer bags .
      Good luck!

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