To The Coast

Picture 1179 Earlier this week we made a trip to the coast. While hiking along a trail in Pemaquid, we came across this sign. Yep, littering is just not nice, and the trail we were on was pretty darn clean. Good job, sign! We stopped on the way home at the Island Store in South Bristol. If you’re traveling that way and want some good eats…this is the place to go!

Island Store South Bristol

Island Store
South Bristol

Lots of homemade salads, sandwiches, and baked goods. The shelves are stocked with other goodies…fresh bread and produce, condiments, treats, and a terrific wine selection. It’s a nice store to be in. Picture 1172The space is lovely, and the owner, Beth Fisher, is very welcoming and friendly. Beth sells beautiful linen aprons in the store. She was wearing one that day ( which looked terrific), and yes, I did have to bring one of these home with me. Surely you’ll want to visit the Island Store! Picture 1177
Then, a nice leisurely ride back to the home place. The gardens here are lush right now. We are really enjoying two of my favorite plants…Cimicifuga racemosa and Veronicastrum virginicum. Both plants are loaded with pollinators and their blooms reach above most everything else in the garden. We’ll try and get a few photos of both plants and share them on the blog. In August, we become very busy dividing and propagating. This is an excellent time for both, and it’s also a good time to edit the garden. Some plants needing to be moved and others added to the garden. The work continues, as well as the absolute enjoyment of it all! Below a photo of two great hostas in the garden, it’s been a terrific summer for hostas. Just the right amount of rain and cool temperatures.

Hostas Brother Stefan and  Winter Snow

Hostas Brother Stefan and Winter Snow

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