In the Early Hours

We are early risers. Rick makes his way downstairs by 4:30-4:45 am, makes coffee, and starts a list for the day. By 5:00, I am awake. I smell the coffee brewing and also head downstairs. We love early mornings. The stillness, the quiet, the slow greeting to a new day. We know what awaits us in just a few hours and are grateful for this time to settle into the day. Lists get made, dishes in the dry rack put away, we putter around attending to tasks that allow us to move through the morning in a quiet manner. Picture 1216I often sit for a bit ( appreciative to the coffee that has already been made) looking out the big front windows and working a few stiches into my latest project. Currently, a simple vest with yarn spun from our old beloved sheep, Ruby. Ruby was the last of our colored sheep, a Blue Face Leicester with a honey colored fleece. Thankfully, I still have two bags of roving from Ruby that need to be spun, and I think of her sweet personality everytime her wool passes through my hands. Oh, these early mornings, a simple gift. Picture 1213

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