The Story Of Late Summer

I am in the kitchen: through the window, the long grasses run before the wind, and on the table are mounds of greenbeans. Water is boiling on the stove; steam makes the lids dance and rattle. My knife flashes, chops, and my hands follow each other fluidly through familiar choreography. In the garden, the onion tops have collapsed in a soft tangle. It seems only yesterday that I planted the tiny sets. There is a peculiar satisfaction in the swiftness with which I pluck the onions from the soil and lay them in the golden ranks to cure. Twist and pull the corn ears, tuck them under my arm. Shuck them in the garden and throw the husks to the horses.
As the light becomes lower and richer, I feel a gathering sense of fulfillment and loss.
It happens too fast. Yet in this speed, this urgency that inhibits reflection, in the busy-ness of living, in the demands of vegetable growing, I am absorbed by the life of this particuler soil, this particular air, and this particular light. I become a thread in tha tapestry of summer, even as I am torn by the desire to stand aside, the need to arrest this tumbling beauty, to hold it in my hands.

Some fine words to share by Beth Powning. Isn’t it wonderful when we find words that can so eloquently and thoughtfully express a time in our life, can capture moments with just the right feeling and emotion. Summer and her great bounty is exactly what’s happening now. It’s a flurry, and the pace of the days and the swiftness of how quickly it all happens stuns us. We , who are always so busy this time of year, managing the nursery and growing our food, are acutely aware of how fleeting summer is. One more swim at the lake? Another picnic up on the ridge? Another paddle across the pond, please? We’ll do our best to make time for a few of these idyllic summer pleasures. We will be glad we did, come February. Just as we will be grateful for that rich tomatoe taste from the canned jars that line the pantry shelves. A bit of summer captured in a jar.

2 comments on “The Story Of Late Summer

  1. Hello, hello! I have thought of you all summer! I’ve had many conversations with you in my mind, very often when I am going for my daily run. Thinking how good it would be for my soul to spend a day, a week, doing manual labor in your gardens. To be somewhere that required a good day’s work that felt useful and important…
    It sounds like you’ve had a sweet, sweet summer! Once again, I’m completely caught off guard with how quickly summer is coming to a close. Every year! It’s winding down, and I am still mentally back in June. Each evening lately I’ve made a point to recline on my front porch and listen to the cacophony of cicadas and katydids. And the moon last night and the night before – the same moon that was in the sky over your house. Something else that amazes me – miles apart and we still share the same moon.

    • Hello Jackie!
      So glad to hear from you! It pleases me to think that kindered hearts and minds can find their way to others, perhaps never have the fortune to actually meet, but find ways to have conversation and know that the presence of each brings comfort. Who would have thought a blog could have a part in uniting global mama’s. Would love your help in the garden….fly right over here, it is wildly producing and a bit overwhelming. grwing food, feeding my family and neighbors is life work for me.I think daily of all those in the world who don’t have access to good food or any food, and feel real and deep concern. this keeps me very mindful about not wasting anything we produce, and always being grateful for the gardens bounty. Even when I’m dog tired. I , too am taken by how quickly time passes. Just turned 50 this year and am keenly aware of the passing of time. I would prefer slow motion, although I don’t seem to be a ‘slow motion girl’, too busy a head for that, but I am aware of how much I like to savor moments and work to stay very present with the day. This fall both kids will be away, oh goodness, and i am sure this will mark another passage of time. Perhaps a grand adventure of my own to mark this passage? What would that be? What would your grand adventure look like? Like knowing that the big shining moon that captures all of us in its glowing light, shares the sky with your world at the same time as it does mine, and embrace your very good soul. Blessings to you and your family, be well and keep in touch.

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