Umbrella Leaf

Diphylleia cymosa

Diphylleia cymosa

Umbrella leaf, Diphylleia cymosa, is a great addition to any shade garden. Standing at 3' high and as wide, this Appalachian native makes an impressive statement throughout the season. Large leaves up to 1' across, white flowers in late spring, and cobalt-blue berries on red stalks in late summer, complete the show. Rare now in the wild, it prefers a moist shady site that is protected from high winds. Though listed as hardy to zone 6, we have grown it for many years with no overwintering problems. Growth rate is moderate, taking about 3 years to reach full size. We've had no major pest problems, and only a few holes from snails and slugs. Right now the berries are at their peak and draw the attention(and many questions) of all that see them. So if you have a moist shady spot in your garden, give this american native a try.Picture 1219

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