Everyday A Few More Skeins

Picture 074It’s been a bit humid here, but there has been a slight breeze to help alleviate the feeling of being too hot and sticky. Watering the nursery becomes a pleasant chore, one can enjoy a little mist from the sprinkler system every now and again. Also, since most of what we grow are woodland, shade, and native plants, the nursery area is under a canopy of trees. It is always several degrees cooler up there.
Wool wise, everyday a few more skeins go into the dyepot. It is truly something I look forward to …..this little bit of creativity a gift amongst garden and nursery work. I think it is true for all wool loving people, knitters and spinners, probably weavers too, that with the idea of fall approaching, the urge to haul out your yarn stash becomes instinctive. I find that I am knitting everyday now, even on the hot and humid days. I start thinking of new felting projects and writing lists of the knitted garments I want to make. Like I said, everyday a few more skeins, everyday a few more knitted rows.Picture 082

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