On The Needles Right Now

Picture 284A few knitting projects are on needles right now. Christmas stockings being one of them. The pattern is from Judy’s Colors, a Maine based company ( one woman!) who sells these Christmas stocking patterns and kits. Check her out. I usually have several different ‘types’ of knitting going at one time. By this I mean, some are suitable for knitting without needing much concentration, and other projects require me to really focus on pattern stitches. Like these Christmas stockings, which I love, but only knit when I can sit without distractions. This can easily mean that it may take a very long time to complete one………distractions can be a BIG part of my everyday. Once again our weekly knitting group will gather this Sunday. We slack off in the summer, everyone too busy farming and gardening, but we all look forward to Fall when we meet Sunday afternoons to share any projects we’re each working on, drink tea, and chatter about what’s going on in each other’s lives. I look forward to this time that we set aside to come together and knit ( or crochet, or sew, or hook a rug), though I probably won’t be working on my Christmas stocking that day, the chatter and laughter that often fills the room is sure to result in dropped stitches or skipped rows.Picture 277

8 comments on “On The Needles Right Now

    • Love to put you on the list……I really need to find time with little distraction so I can whip these stockings up! They are great fun to knit! Glad you liked them and thanks for commenting. Any knitting going on with you?

  1. Those are beautiful but don’t think I could concentrate that long :+). What fun getting together to work on projects and just relax and have fun.

    • Hi Molly,
      It is fun to gather with friends and fellow crafters to share projects and just connect. I think often of those old fashion quilting bees, and how nice it is for women to gather and work together, especially during the cold winter months! Thanks for reading, as always!

  2. Such beautiful work you do! I know what you mean about no distractions while knitting! I also have multiple items on needles so there’s always something to work on where ever you go!

    • A true knitter! I panic a bit when I leave home for a long car ride and forget to bring one of my ‘projects’. These stockings are fun and Judy has beautiful patterns. Are you ready for winter over there in the Green Mountains?

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