Cimicifuga matsumurea ‘White Pearl’

Cimicifuga matsumurea ' White Pearl'

Cimicifuga matsumurea ‘ White Pearl’

Picture 259 Formerly known as Cimicifuga simplex ‘White Pearl’, this wonderful woodlander is now in full bloom, the 30th of October. The Cimicifugas have gone through a few name changes that are sometimes confusing to the gardener. The whole genus of Cimicifuga has been moved into the genus Actea along with ‘Dolls Eyes’ and the like, and the species A. ramosa is now A.simplex, and the latest blooming of them all is Actea matsumurea ‘White Pearl’. A native of Russia, this is a cultivar selected in Japan. It grows to 3-4′ in moist soil that does not dry out, taking a few years to grow into a large multistemmed plant. The white fragrant flowers can go into November if we do not get a real hard frost by then. Having the blooms mixed in with the fall foliage of other plants can be quite stunning. Cimicifuga means to’drive away’. the leaves have a natural insecticidal effect and are not bothered by most bugs. One thing we have done is to plant several species of the green leaved Cimicifugas(yes we will continue to call them Cimicifugas) together for a season long bloom in that spot of the garden. C. racemosa will bloom first, followed by C. simplex and then C. matsumurea. Since all of them have very similar leaves, it just appears that the blooms are from the same plant. As with all of the species and cultivars of Cimicifuga, this one deserves a place in the garden.

4 comments on “Cimicifuga matsumurea ‘White Pearl’

  1. Absolutely lovely – and a delight or the end of October. Love the idea of grouping for a season of blooms. Thanks. Anne Littlefield

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