A Bit From Here And A Bit From There

1936For a few weeks, Fernwood Nursery will be posting from both home and away. Rick is home tending the fires and animals, as well as the regular day to day chores of the nursery. He’ll be putting up an occasional post from our home turf, as I send posts from another adventure here in Ireland. Yes, I am super fortunate to have an amazing and supportive husband who will hold down the fort in Maine while I trek around Ireland, visiting friends and rural horse fairs ( I do this while assisting my friend Sally, who has been photographing and recording some of the rural traditions and people of County Kerry Ireland). The absolute beauty of Ireland, along with the wonderful and down to earth people I am lucky enough to spend time with, brings me the greatest joy. I don’t travel far from our humble homestead in Maine very often, but when I do…..it’s to Ireland. I’ll keep you posted from the Emerald Isles, while Rick fills us in with events back in Maine.

One comment on “A Bit From Here And A Bit From There

  1. Some day we would love to share this experience with you in Ireland. Be sure the bachelor count is the same on your departure as on arrival – i.e don’t bring one back. Have a wonderful time!

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