Another Fox

DSC05561No, not another fox hanging from the sheep fence in Ireland ( predator control). This Mr. Fox was a little whimsical creation I made yesterday, and I’m already on to a Mrs. Fox. I am imagining a Mr. and Mrs. Christmas fox as well, outfitted in red flannel and red velvet ribbon. Maybe adorned with a fluffy white muff or stole, but certainly not one made of fox fur! I have had a bit more time here before returning home to Maine….. and what do I spend my time doing while I have a few free moments? Hand sewing these little woodland creatures, that’s what. My grandmother could stitch wonderfully, and she was often making little gnomes or woodland fairies. I remember being amazed at how tiny and perfect her stitches were, you could hardly tell they were hand stitched. Her house was always filled with fabric and ribbon, buttons, beads, old lace, and all the material anyone would ever need to create something. She always encouraged me to ‘ make something’. I think she would be very happy to know that her granddaughter is following in her footsteps…….in love with fabric and fiber, and all things textile. Somehow I have a feeling, as I carefully sew a jacket or vest for one of my own woodland creatures, that she is not far way.

4 comments on “Another Fox

    • Thank you Molly, I love that ….foxy loxy. Once I get started making these little creatures I find it hard to stop. I’ll be adding a class for making’ woodland folks and critters’ this spring when the new studio is ready, which should be late winter. Until then, I’ll keep stitching! Happy Thanksgiving, Molly!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes, Thanksgiving was peaceful, we were all a bit spread out this year and our daughter, Zoe ( 21) stuffed and cooked her first turkey. A mile stone to be proud of……and it was delicious. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, did you get the snow we did? I imagine you did, I am always happy to have snow. Since posting Fox creation, I have added whiskers and a silk hankie to his making. Now am working on his wife……these little critters are addicting! Enjoy the downtime of these winter months…….much knitting, right? Take care,

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