Instead Of Stuffing A Turkey…….

DSCN0479I have been on a roll with felt creations, with Father Christmas ready to make his way into a holiday display. Yes, I know the old fella needs a face….some crinkly eyes and a cheery smile. Drawing faces are not my comfort, so I leave them for last. He may need a bit of a trim to get some of that silvery hair away from his face, that too. Looks like another pile of snow coming for the north east, the last storm and power outages got us good and ready for winter weather. Now, with the nursery covered and the sheep brought home, dealing with storms are a lot easier. Let’s hope anyway. I’ve been spending time in my friend Sally’s studio. Several days of making things, working on patterns, and finishing up some knitting. Bliss, really. (thank you, Sally). Now I really must work on that Mrs. Fox and a Mrs. Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

4 comments on “Instead Of Stuffing A Turkey…….

  1. Well my dear you have wasted no time in my absence! He is adorable ! Very hot here today but lovely

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    • Hi Molly, Thank you….love making these little felted creations, have to be careful not to get so absorbed in the making that I miss Thanksgiving meal. Will try not to eat too much…….but you know how that goes. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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