This Month At Fernwood

Picture 328Well, the traveler has settled back in. Gladly. While I was away, Rick got the rest of the nursery covered, despite the challenging weather . Our firewood is all in, and since being home, we are now running two of the three woodstoves we use to heat the house. Quite toasty. The gas cook stove gets a lot less use during this time of year, most everything gets warmed or prepared using one of the woodstoves. The wood cook stove has a fine oven for baking bread or pizza. A pot of soup and the tea kettle sits on top, almost always, ready and waiting. We believe in getting everything we can out of all that firewood…..we’ll let it heat the house and our bellies. So, here it is December and we’re pretty well tucked in for winter. Oh, there will be all the winter chores ahead of us…..shoveling, hauling firewood into the house, shoveling, tending the animals, and more shoveling. But we do love winter, and find that there can be a nice balance between the physical needs of winter and some down time. Rick’s downtime is often spent sourcing new plant varieties for the upcoming season. Plants are never far from his mind, and he truly enjoys the research he finds time for during these colder months. I am happy to really have time for fiber related projects. We still have about eight fleeces to sort through and a lot more yarn to dye. There are many felting projects on the table, and of course….everyday knitting. And, oh yes, Christmas is right around the corner, so a lot of baking and gift making. Love that. My wish is that winter takes its time… reason to hurry towards spring. We always get there soon enough. Right now, we’re happy to spend some months enjoying a bit of dormancy.