On The Needles And In The Oven

Picture 415One knitting goal during the winter is to knit socks. As many pairs as I can muster. A great way to use up odd ball skeins of yarn, and to help keep the feet in this family warm and toasty. It behooves me to knit our son Noah several pairs, he thinks nothing of borrowing them from others if his go missing. My tried and true sock pattern is the one from Vermont’s Green Mountain Spinnery. It’s called I.B.H.’s Toasty Socks. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn ( usually what I have on hand or the gauge I often spin) and they knit up quickly….. a good, no nonsense pattern. On the needles right now are some fancy pink and coral colored socks, using up some yarn I’ve had on hand for some time. Maybe since they’re pink Noah will leave them alone. Ha, don’t count on it. My burly and confident 19 year old would happily wear thick pink socks under his insulated Muck boots to go ice fishing. I’ll hide them.
In the kitchen, quiches are being made to use up some of those eggs that are coming in from the chicken coop. Along with onions from the storage room, broccoli from the freezer, and whole milk from our friend’s Jersey. A good meal for dinner, with leftovers for breakfast. We’re not quite mid winter yet, but it is time that we begin calculating the food in the freezer or in cold storage, and incorporating them into winter meals. We know that before long, a new season will provide us with fresh vegetables and meat to process. The meals we prepare reflect the foods that have been raised and stored, and that need to be used to make room for this next season’s bounty. And, you can throw almost anything into a quiche and call it a meal!

" the quiche on the top rack of the oven, always gets a bit more golden brown.......both firm and fully cooked however"

” the quiche on the top rack of the oven, always gets a bit more golden brown…….both firm and fully cooked however”

8 comments on “On The Needles And In The Oven

  1. Quiches look yummy. I have that sock pattern too but have not made it in a long time as I usually knit thinner socks. Hope to get a lot of socks finished this winter. Have been making Nantucket Granola. Yummy. Must try the Maple almond one from Cooks Country next. Happy knitting. stay warm

    • Hi Molly, Such a good time of year to be trying new recipes and knitting, Maple almond granola sounds delicious and perfect for a winter morning’s breakfast. Granola is a good thing to put on my ‘to do’ list, we’re out at the moment and have plenty of oats. Thank you Molly and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I’ve sent a message along to Molly requesting the granola recipe. I’ll also look through my own granola recipes to see which once might be good to share, Molly reminded me through her comment to make some granola. I love having our own homemade granola on hand…….you’re able to customize it just to your liking. Mine….extra nuts!

      • Thank you, Denise. I so enjoy your posts and so admire the 13 months of work you seem to do !
        I am making a resolution to visit Fernwood Nusery this summer when I return to Maine.

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