New Cupboard

Picture 495Very excited about our new cupboard, made from old barn boards, a recycled window, and a knob I had kicking around. This was my birthday gift and just what I needed. Most often in our family when gifts are given they are of the homemade kind. Winter here at the nursery allows for a little more time to create things like this. It was a fun little project for Rick, who loves finding old boards or windows to work with. We are grateful to have time to make things during the colder months, pretty soon we’ll be right back to growing things. Of course, we love that too! I’m quite delighted to have a rustic cupboard to store extra bowls and tumblers, and just looking at it makes me happy. Homemade goodness, for sure!

16 comments on “New Cupboard

    • Hi Marian,
      Thank you. I’m quite smitten with the cupboard. We pretty much cook everything in or on cast iron. Keeping them seasoned is the trick. Both my kids were given their own cast iron pans this Christmas, I had a few more tucked away, so I passed them along. Growing up it was not hard to find the really good old cast iron, now it’s not so easy and the old ones can be quite expensive. Do you cook on cast iron at all? denise

    • I am so glad we are, as a culture, back to appreciating things handmade. Every time I walk past this cupboard and see the honey colored old barn boards, the wooden window we’ve probably had stored for ever, and now the pottery that sits on its shelves, my heart warms. Thank you so much for commenting, I’ll pass it along to Rick….the ‘maker’ this time………maybe I can get him to start in a new little cupboard! Always a few more barn boards to be used up!

    • Thank you, of course I am the lucky recipient , Rick gets the credit for building it. So fun to reassemble found objects and create something artful….and useful. Thank you for reading the blog!

  1. It is a beautiful cupboard, made even more so with your pottery collection. I was especially drawn to your collection of cast iron, I am using my grandfather’s dutch oven (probably from the early 1920’s) and my own 10″ skillet purchased in 1976. Good quality lasts!

    PS – I enjoy reading your blogposts from Fernwood. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories.

    • Thank you! True, once you have your cast iron pans good and seasoned they truly will last a life time. We use them everyday, and I grew up with these very same pans. Most of them were passed on from my grandmother. Thank you for visiting the blog, I am so glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Love your new cupboard. You are blessed to have a handy husband. Happy Birthday (belated). There are some advantages to “putting things by” for that spark of inspiration. ENJOY

    • Thank you. We like the idea of bringing old ‘ material’ back to life. So true, the old barn board has so much more character…….even with a few knot wholes or dings. Thanks for reading!

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