Where Knitting happens

Picture 455As I have mentioned so many times before, winter is a time for us to indulge in projects and interests that summer doesn’t always allow for. Reading, spoon carving, spinning, snowshoeing, and ( at the very top of the list) knitting. Almost every night, with the woodstove keeping the house nice and toasty, here I sit with my latest project. This winter? Lots of socks, more mittens, a new shawl, and many various hats to replace the ones which will surely have gone missing come spring. The seed catalogs are lined up on the table, a reminder that this idle winter will not last. In the meantime, we’ll sit back ( at least in the evening), and be thankful for the slow pace of winter.

12 comments on “Where Knitting happens

    • Every Sunday we have our knitting group here, wish you could sit in ……great ladies, great knitting, and most always, some yummy scones ( and tea!). Do you have a knitting group that meets close to you?

        • Oh, you should……yes, come join and eat scones here at Fernwood……but if not, at least source out a local group to join up with. I look forward to every Sunday. Who knows what the topic of discussion will be or how much knitting will get done, but we do have loads of fun.
          let me know what you find in your area!

  1. My cozy nook is a corner of the couch near a large picture window overlooking the lake…usually with a kitty by my side. There are multiple knitting bags nearby and a shelf full of pattern books! Now all I need are some skeins of your lovely yarn!
    I’ve been busy designing (in my head) and knitting baby knits, hats, neck warmers, scarves, etc. But I have never gotten into socks…those heels have always intimidated me, but I suppose I should give them a try at some point!
    Seeds are being sown from the hort. exchanges (esp. the Primula Society) and some have already sprouted! There’s always something to do in winter even if at a slower pace.

    • Your cozy nook sounds delightful! So important to have this little comfort during the winter months. Would love to hear more about your design work, this season when you head to Maine, I promise to be here with yarn to check out. BFL is great for baby garments, very soft and doesn’t pill like merino. I have been continuing to dye skeins this winter, I’ll have plenty by spring. And shearing ( and lambs!) right around the corner. Make socks……..once you do you’ll never stop! Great to hear from you and I have your nook pictured in my mind.

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