Comfort During The Storm

IMG_0014IMG_0020Well, we did get a whopper of a storm. The power went off just after morning chores and has just now been restored. It was a blustery day, very high winds that whipped the snow into 4 foot drifts. It piled up against the barn doors and the woodshed. Each time we went out to tend the animals it meant shoveling our way through. I love doing chores when the weather has turned extreme. I feel like I’m on an Arctic expedition. The sheep and the chickens all seem to appreciate the added effort we put into assuring their well being and comfort during a storm. Everyone gets extra bedding and extra grain and hay. We fill five gallon buckets before the storm arrives, storing them inside to keep them from freezing. We need to know that all of our critters will have fresh water if the power stays out for days. The chickens don’t love these kind of snowstorms. They don’t (won’t) venture outside of their coop until it’s over, until someone (us) goes out and packs down their outdoor run. They are not fans of having cold swirling snow in their faces. The sheep pretty much take this kind of weather in stride. Their heavy fleeces are well suited to keeping them warm, and they create a lot of body heat when all together in the barn. I am often surprised at how often they will choose to leave the comfort of the barn to be outside. Snow piling up on their backs and covering their face , and still they will venture out into a storm and seem refreshed by the conditions.IMG_0017 Picture 434Picture 438

breaking ice out of the water buckets, morning and night

breaking ice out of the water buckets, morning and night

Chores do take longer during storms, the routine changes a bit, trudging through the deep snow slows things down. Inside, we enjoy the quiet of the day……drink tea, knit, and read, until the storm has passed and the last of the cleanup takes place. Then back out for more shoveling and clearing. Tonight, more snow is being predicted , another 4-5 inches to add to this storms current dumping of 2 feet. Snowshoeing tomorrow! We can still here it howling outdoors, the animals and fires have all been tended to, and we can enjoying knowing that everyone has been cared for.

12 comments on “Comfort During The Storm

    • Yes, always nice to have the lights. We don’t mind if the power goes off for a bit, but when it turns into several days……..there becomes more to worry about. We do have a generator for keeping the freezers going, if need be. Stay warm!

  1. being Mainers you must know or know of Gordon Bok If not you should find his music He has one song “May hearth and fire be yours tonight” think you would enjoy his music

    • Hi Leslie,
      Yes, of course we love to listen to Gordon Bok. My old friend Carol Rohl is married to him. His music is wonderful and he lives not to far from us, down on the coast. I also enjoy Cindy Kallet….have you listened to her music? She is from the Camden area as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…..we may have to listen to Gordon tonight now that the power has been restored!

  2. What light source do you use during power outage? Lantern or?
    Your affection and respect for your animals is wonderful.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Mostly Alladin lamps for really good light, light we can read by. The Alladins have a round mantel and a nice tapered globe. They actually throw quite a bit of light. We use regular oil lamps as well, and even candles. Everyone has their own trusty headlamp for going outdoors or into rooms with no light ( lamps, candles). We love our animals and like to know they are safe and warm ….storm or no storm. Thanks so much for reading and keeping in touch. We’ll see what we get for snow tonight….it’s still very windy out there!

    • Hi Marian,
      Wondering to myself if I began knitting because I love it, or because of the layers of knitted wool we all put on before going out during a Maine winter. Yes, it’s cold, but we love this down time from the busy nursery season ( which we also love, of course) and the slower pace winter provides.
      Glad you are staying toasty where you are!

  3. wow, I’m catching up on blog reading and it seems I read the clam post first, the sheep here are out all winter, all year, even in the 100 odd mile an hour winds, black face and cheviots, I’m with the chickens, stay in ’til its over, Frances

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