The Next Day

IMG_0022IMG_0043IMG_0049IMG_0044We had a few more inches of snow during the night. Now, the sun is out and this winter landscape is quite stunning. The real cleanup began this morning. The driveway gets completely cleared, cars moved, paths tidied, and of course….more wood brought in. The hatch door allowing the chickens out into their run gets lifted and I tramp down their area wearing my snowshoes. They are very thankful to get out and absorb some vitamin D. IMG_0035IMG_0037The sheep greet the new day, they are self propelled snowplows, and are happy to have their breakfast outdoors.IMG_0056IMG_0057 On the other hand, our trusty ( wimpy) dog Lucky, continues the theme of yesterday’s post……Comfort During The Storm….by curling up in his favorite chair with his beloved fluffy stuffed animal. Pathetic.
Looks like more winter weather coming at the end of the week. This week we’ll have most of our seed order completed and will post some thoughts and suggestions. Later, an afternoon wandering the woods on snowshoes, checking for tracks and signs of the wild creatures that roam the land around us. Enjoy this bright and wonderful day, where ever you are!

12 comments on “The Next Day

    • He is a real creature of comfort, our boy, Lucky. We do adore him and he seems to always put a smile on our face. I don’t think he minds being considered ‘pathetic’ . Have a great day!

    • Thank you Marion, it’s nice to hear….I am a fry cry from considering myself a photographer, I point and shoot and hope for the best. Oh, that boy Lucky…..he’s a baby! We love having him around!

  1. Wow! You sure got walloped with that storm! Here we got maybe 6″ but it’s hard to tell with the wind whipping it around.
    Lucky is such a cutie! I love the face he’s giving you from the chair.
    I’m curious to know which seed companies you use?
    Stay warm & dry…I’m off to start a bread…not your sourdough, but thanks so much for the recipe! I’ll give it s try as soon as I get to town for some ww flour.

    • Hi Amy,
      yes, we spoke with Don over in Vermont yesterday and it seems they got just a mere 6 inches or so. Later this week, I’ll post something on the different seed companies. We’re just finishing up with ordering. Enjoy your bread……warm, just out of the oven, and with butter! Yum. Are you guys getting the snow that’s coming this weekend( Friday)?

    • Who knows what Friday will bring, we’re clearing wide paths so that we’ll have room for the next dumping. We are expecting lambs in early February, hopefully not in the midst of one of these snow storms. One never knows. Did they have school over your way today? none here.

  2. Love Lucky. His eyes make you melt :-). Really like the picture of the door and it looks like those sheep have been well fed. Made English Muffin Bread and soup before the storm, so I was well fed too 🙂 Stay safe and warm.

    • Lucky was a little pup ( he’s now almost three) who found his way to us and became quite irresistible. We found a home for him with our good and dear friend, Ron. Ron has been staying with us this winter while he builds his own place……so Lucky is back! And right at home as you can see. Everyone loves Lucky, he has a wonderful, loving personality and always keeps us smiling.
      Yes, the sheep are a bit hefty. Hopefully pregnant too. No shortage of vittles here at Fernwoood, for neither man nor beast! English muffin bread and soup? will be right over! Nice to hear from you, Molly!

    • I think we definitely got the blunt of it, we were the only area to really lose power this time. The wind was more of an issue than the snow, I think we only got 2 feet in fallen snow but the wind created 3-4 foot drifts in places, in front of the barn doors and across the paths to the barn ( always in the worst places it seems). We pretty much take winter storms in stride, just moved all the early pregnant ewes to their lambing pens, this will ease our minds for the next storm ( Friday). Thank you for the well wishes and kind words, and thanks for reading!

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