It’s O.K. If We Get More Snow

Picture 505One of my dear friends and fellow knitters has been in Costa Rica for the last month helping her daughter and new grand-baby. Just before she left, she said ” when I get home to Maine, I hope we get tons of snow, so that I won’t be able go anywhere”. She had an idea of herself curled up fireside, with baskets of knitting and maybe a few good books. Well, she got her wish. Yesterday she called to say that her driveway (a straight up the mountain kind of driveway) was so snow covered and slippery, her husband had to leave the car parked at the bottom of the hill and walk up. This often happens to them during mud season as well. She’s the kind of friend that when she invites you over for tea you always ask ” how’s your driveway?” So, yes we are still getting snow. More expected on Monday. And, we’re still loving it. I feel like a Tomten in the early morning, opening the barn doors after another night Picture 439of snowfall and winded drifts. The sheep hear me coming and begin bleating softly, anticipating their morning grain and hay, and just maybe the company of hearing my voice. The chickens cluck and crow greeting the light that pours into their coop, chattering as I refill their water pans and hanging grain buckets. Even in the midst of a storm, they manage to leave some eggs to be gathered. Such good chickens!Picture 504
I really am tempted to say the words of Astrid Lindgren’s Tomten while reaching over to scratch the backs of the pregnant ewes “Winters come and winters go, Summers come and summers go, Soon you can graze in the fields”. This is one of the books the kids loved when they were little……and being partial to gnomes and tomtens and woodland elves, it’s a favorite of mine as well.Picture 507
Picture 514On Sunday we have our knitting group over. We drink tea, eat yummy baked goods, and knit together. I’m hoping my “winter storm wishing” friend comes down from her mountain top to join us. It would be nice to see her and hear about her tropical reprieve from the chilly north. I’ve been knitting up lots of mittens using mohair and a quick and simple pattern. One skein of mohair makes a pair of mittens. I’ve had several skeins of mohair left over from making these mittens for Christmas gifts. I’m also knitting a cowl in linen stitch with some hand dyed, hand spun Blue Face Leicester from our flock. With the way things are going, there will be plenty more opportunity to wear a cozy cowl snugged against my neck. Or maybe it will be tucked away to get a jump on next year’s holiday gift giving. Ah, imagine that, thinking ahead. The trick with that plan will be storing it in a place I can remember eleven months from now. February looks like a month of more snow shoveling, more knitting, and soon……LAMBS! Any day now, and we’ll keep you posted with any new arrivals.Picture 508

7 comments on “It’s O.K. If We Get More Snow

    • Yes, isn’t it a comfort to think that small Tomtens are visiting the barn animals at night, tossing in a bit more hay, offering a carrot to the horse? We never really grow up from wanting to believe these things are real do we?
      A gnomish nod back to your Swedish heritage.

  1. You paint a beautiful picture with your words! I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York and much of what you wrote stirs such memories. Can’t wait to see photos of lambs!

  2. Another day long snow here today. Lots of knitting is getting done too! The Tomten sounds like a wonderful friend to have keeping an eye on your wooly and feathery friends.
    I also like your knitting basket! I generally have multiple knitting projects going at the same time piled up in various bags next me. Baskets would just allow them to get tangled up together and I’d also be knitting in the stray cat hair!

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