While The Moon Was Still Bright……

Picture 552While the moon was still bright, a new life was arriving to greet us. Our first lamb of the season, born to “Took”, a first year mama ewe. She delivered her lamb without a glitch, and right away
began the ritual of cleaning her new babe. In no time this little lamb was on her feet and suckling away. Bella, the next in line to lamb and Took’s stall mate, and a veteran mama, looks on. Everyone loves new lambs! Picture 558

"Took" the proud mama and her babe

“Took” the proud mama and her babe

Bella and Took take a look

Bella and Took take a look

10 comments on “While The Moon Was Still Bright……

  1. Looks like Bella is approving or seeing if she needs to offer advice. I have a sheltie who is getting cabin fever. She’s a city girl but still tries to herd everything including her toys. Best luck thru your lambing
    season. How did this get planned in the coldest part of winter? Is it the same ,say in New Zealand?

    • Hi Sue,
      I actually breed specifically for February and early March births. I find that the cold and dry is a better combination than cold and wet. I find the spring weather to be damp and that lambs can get just as chilled from being wet. Plus, there are certainly less parasites to worry about this time of year. Also, the early lambs give me a jump on having lambs who can benefit from grass once they are out to pasture. Ewes always come into the barn before lambing. It’s toasty and dry and the lambs do very well. Their mums are good mums and keep them close and warm! Thanks for the great question, lots of people ask me why i choose to lamb so early. it’s been working for 25 years, so I guess I’ll stick with what’s working. Bet your sheltie would love to come and herd sheep! When they have that instinct, they certainly like to practice it! Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the winter.

  2. No Name yet, I’m hoping a few young friends will help me out . Stella, Ursula, and Ruby, three young neighbors ,have come over to investigate the new lamb and promised to come up with some names for this seasons lambing. I’ll be sure to let you know. Any suggestions, Molly.?…. feel free to “toss a name”in the hat.

    • We have 10 ewes that have been bred. Most often each ewe will have twins. A few could have a single lamb, like this last ewe. It is always an exciting time, and after 25 years of raising sheep we still look forward to those new lambs!

    • Excellent idea! Lunar it is………..can you believe that the little lamb has so far remained nameless? After years and years of lambing, believe it or not, we get stumped with lamb names. So, thanks Annie, I’ll let the first little lamb of the season know she has a name inspired ( and suggested by a blog follower) by a moonlit morning in winter.

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