Happy Valentines Day

Picture 598Picture 602Could not post this yesterday because we were busy with these two. Born first thing in the morning, twins, a ram lamb and a ewe. We spent the morning helping Bella get her lambs dried. Bella is a good mum, and almost always has twins. I think she appreciated the help of getting her lambs dried and toasty on such a cold day. Then we spent the rest of the day getting ready for the next storm ( which didn’t amount to much), hauling in wood, clearing paths, buttoning up some of the sheds because of the predicted high winds. By the end of the day, we were too tuckered out to post the news of the new lambs. Apparently more snow is on its way, we’ll see what we get. What a winter it has been! By the end of next month the greenhouse will be fired up and the first of the season’s seedlings will be started. It was 20 below yesterday, I only hope it will warm up before we start heating the greenhouse. Oh my goodness! We’ll keep you posted as new lambs arrive, and as the horizons of spring come into focus…….it could be awhile.

17 comments on “Happy Valentines Day

    • If I could get them all to stand still and in a row, wearing their wool sweaters (all of which are made from the sleeves of a collected stock pile old sweaters), they would make quite a picture! No Names for these babies yet, but most certainly they need Valentine names! Hope you are staying toasty!

        • Good idea Annie! The most difficult part comes after naming them, when they are all out to pasture together, 15 new lambs or so frolicking about, and trying to identify who’s who! Was that Cupid or Venus who just hopped the fence! Oh goodness! We’ll keep you posted on new arrivals.

    • Hi Molly,
      Yes , good ole Yankee ingenuity and some well dressed lambies to boot! The sweaters do give the babes just a bit more protection. They are all born inside the barn, with fresh hay bedding, and their wooly mums snuggling up to them, but at 20 below, a sweater sleeve adds a little more comfort.
      Happy ( belated) Valentines Day, Molly!

  1. Thank you! I’ve been anticipating a new born lamb update from Fernwood Nursery as we await the winter white out in Boston.

    • Hi Bonnie, Always a fun time when lambs come on the scene. Oh boy are you folks getting slammed in Boston. Goodness. Hope you are staying warm and safe. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the really big storms. Fingers crossed!

    • We only got about 4 inches here….which feels like absolutely nothing compared to what we’ve been getting. The wind is fierce though, hope the power stays on! Half of February and then March left and we’re on the homestretch! You keep safe…and warm……as well!

  2. So cute! We have been enjoying the antics of baby goats at a neighboring farm. Puts a bit of joy in one’s heart! Wishing you continued good luck with this winter of winters! A cousin in Nova Scotia has seen very little snow this winter….it’s all getting dumped before it reaches them. Again, all the best to you

    • Thank you! We are making our way through winter and trying to always be mindful of the slower pace. The lambs certainly help to bring excitement and new life to the long winter days. The stormed missed us this time….who knows what’s to come throughout the rest of February and March. Goodness knows, we’re always happy to see spring when it finally arrives! So glad you are enjoying the blog.

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