Old News

Picture 579Picture 580This winter Rick’s been working on the restoration of an old house in town.Picture 574 He found some newspapers, from 1914, tucked into the walls. Years ago, people often used what they had to help insulate their houses; newspapers, rags, sheep fleece, what ever was available to cut down on the drafts. It’s always interesting to read some of the advertisements and about the things that were happening in your area 100 years ago. Sure would have loved to get our hands on this farm, though isn’t it sad to think that someone was having to sell their beloved place due to health issues. The social column even named some of the old families from here in Montville! Don’t you love that you could go down to Perry’s to purchase some native smoked Alewives, pure leaf lard, and a few Belfast made cigars? Cornflakes and sugar cured bacon? Put that on the list for this week’s shopping! Here are a few pictures and some old news from long ago.Picture 576Picture 573Picture 568Picture 571

12 comments on “Old News

    • Hi Marian,
      Love these old reminders of days in the past! And you are so right about the courtesy to the customer, a more “how can we help you” as opposed to ” you need it and you need it now”. Love the list of grocery…fancy prunes? Maine corn? These will be treasured, for sure. Thanks for the thoughtful words in response…….. by the way, hope the icicles are thawing this can be so devastating on plants.

    • So fun to see how different things were in earlier times. The price of food….and how much was still local! Maine corn, Maine Alewives, Maine Bacon, even Maine cigars!
      We’ll hang on to these with hopes that the kids will have them to read in another 60 years or so!

  1. Love those prices at Perry’s. I agree with above comment, it seems the friendly neighborhood are almost a thing of the past. So sad and they call it PROGRESS. Love it when I go in a store and get a smile and a welcome.

    • So true Molly, we can learn a lot from the old ways of doing business. A smile, consideration, friendly service…….one’s time. All these things matter so much. I think I would be heading right over to Perry’s for some of those smoked Alewives! …..and maybe a few ” fancy prunes”.
      Hope you are well…..smiles to you Molly,

    • I know , a hoot really! I loved pouring over the advertisements, but also the “social” column, which for a small rural farming community amounts to who’s visited who, who’s had a birthday, the weather, and quite possibly an announcement for a public supper. Did you notice how the bread ad had capitalized all the letters in ” HOT BISCUIT everyday is another feature at our bakery”. I would be going home with a dozen of these to go along with my “smoked alewives”. Goodness! Thanks for reading and your comment.

  2. Great post and fascinating stuff! It made me look up to see what an alewife was! apparently it is ‘one of the “typical” North American shads’ which makes it much clearer LOL. Smoked fish is good though and for 2 cents you can’t go wrong

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