On Our Feet

Picture 613When you have a winter like this, snowshoes are not just recreational. You strap them on when roof raking the greenhouse and hoop house, otherwise you may sink into the 8 ft. accumulation that is piled up below it. You wear them to haul the sheep bedding that gets shoveled into sleds and dragged out into the field. Snowshoes are worn to tramp down the chicken runs so the chickens have an opportunity to get out from their coop and see the light of day.You wear snowshoes each and every time you travel away from the beaten ( shoveled) path. Otherwise, you may very well disappear. That’s just the kind of winter we’re having. No big deal, last year it was the winter of ice grippers. Flip flops? Sometime in the very far future!

5 comments on “On Our Feet

  1. And I was feeling tired just putting on all the layers, scarves, earmuffs, boots to take the dog out. You are good stewards to the land and creatures that trust in you. Hope the lambs are doing well.

    • Thank you! Lately, we truly keep our “shoes’ by the door for trekking across areas that are not shoveled. it has been a wonderful winter for snowshoeing and cross country. I have been very curious about gardening and of examples of people living a sustainable life in Ireland for some time. I know it is far less sunny, more rain , and of…. yes…that wind, oh my! I bet the high tunnel makes quite a difference. The soil does seem very rich in Ireland, and as you know, a potentially longer growing season than us here in Maine. Are there many knitters or spinners still on your island? We raise Blueface Leicester here in Maine. Not a breed that would perhaps stand up to the wet climate of Ireland, perhaps. If I didn’t have such a connection to our life and community here in Maine, Ireland is where I would head! I am usually there in the fall ( will be there this October). The town is Kilorglin, have you been there? How long have you been living in Ireland? Your life and family are beautiful and the work you are doing to carve out a rich and sustainable life…..awesome! Let’s stay in touch. So glad this connection was made! Do you come back to Maine much? Enjoy the coming of finer weather, we will be awaiting it here as well. best and blessing to you,

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