Still Pretty Cozy

Picture 449The month of March, we know spring will be here, but we’re not quite out of the “winter” woods yet. A bit more snow last night, some coming on Wednesday, and about 4 feet remain on the ground. The ground? I think it’s down there some where. Over and over we are asked, are you sick of it yet? Not really. When spring does arrive, we’ll be ready and happy to meet her arrival. We’ll know what to do. There will be a flurry of activity here at the nursery and farm. Of course, we love that too. After all, gardening, farming, growing plants, growing food, running the nursery……all of this is an integral part of our life. But it’s hard to wish away days. I always feel uncomfortable with this, the wishing to speed up and get to a point in time (or a season) that we think may be more preferable. What’s more preferable than today, I ask myself? We’re o.k. with winter. We’re o.k with waiting. In a very short time the greenhouse will be warmed up ( we actually heat the greenhouse in early spring) , and regardless of snow cover or cold, we’ll have a little micro environment of green growth. The warmth of the greenhouse, those first early shoots and seedlings help transition us from the dormant months of winter to what’s to come as spring makes her way. This morning I looked out to see another 3 inches of snow covering, the sheep happily munching on their hay, and the trees laced in white…….still quite beautiful really.It’s the first of March and winter still feels cozy.Picture 539

15 comments on “Still Pretty Cozy

  1. There is a difference between the gardener and the gardener who has a business to run. You definitely need a rest during the winter months. 🙂 I remember last spring going out and shoveling the snow off the raised beds so they could warm up. 🙂

    • So true Judy! Don’t get me wrong….the coming of spring is a wondrous thing, and we do look forward to it. And I think you are right, because the gardening season does mean a very different pace because of the nursery, we kind of covet the quiet months of winter. I think I begin to feel a bit more itchy for spring towards the end of March, when the temperature is really warmer and the feel of spring is in the air. I promise not to use any special powers to prolong winter, I know how much all gardeners want to dig in the dirt! Hope you are well and staying warm.

  2. I expect all northern gardeners enjoy the winter rest. As you say, you want to get going in late March when winter is finally ending but before that a rest is welcome.

    • Very true…….we are always glad to greet the new gardening season, love to sink into that as well……but winter is a down time for us. Not completely without demands or chores, just a different pace and one we look forward to. Now that we’re into March, we know spring is truly just around the corner, and we are thinking about it and preparing. A few more days knitting by the wood stove, a few more treks on snowshoes, a bit more shoveling, we can handle that. Thank you for your comment, wise words, and reading the blog!

  3. I just Pinned the image of your cozy home to Pinterest and gave a shout out to Fernwood Nursery. Hope tjsts aok.

  4. As much as I complain with “the best of them” I love New England and the change of seasons. Don’t think I would like same ol same ol every day. It will be fun to see what has made it through all this snow cover. I think Spring is such an exciting time.

    • Yes, we are very lucky to have the seasons, I love them all. We always wonder what will appear after the snow melts and the ground thaws, and are hopeful that everything has survived. Time will tell!

    • Hi Annie, With the sun coming through the big windows on a bright mid winter afternoon, it is quite delightful. The sun and warmth make a cold day seem less chilling! I sit there often with either book or knitting in hand. Thanks for visiting and the kind words.

    • Hello,
      yes, love that chair. No, it is not gilted wood, it is a light colored wood…..a quite comfy chair. I love old things ( from reading your blog, I know you do too!). My house has always been full of old furniture and collections. I love old iron and wood. What are your favorites to gather and collect…..I’ll keep my eye out for you!

      • It is a lovely chair, and I do love old things, particularly those I come across that I haven’t seen before. My stuff is a hodge podge, some unusual pottery, interesting chairs, an old yarn spindle and one very very fabulous lamp!

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