Working On…….

" Rabbits in the making "

” Rabbits in the making “

Working on some rabbits for Spring. You know, Spring? What’s apparently coming after all the snow is gone. While waiting, these paper mache rabbits are being made in preparation for a class we will be offering this spring and summer. My friend Sally ( who I travel to Ireland with ) made the rabbits, then sent them along to me for “dressing”, which I am in the process of working on. I’ll post pictures of the completed bunnies once their finished. The class will be offered this summer and I’ll be sure to pass along the details as we grow closer to a confirmed date. If you are interested in learning how to work with paper mache, and then to explore some creative ways to “dress” a rabbit…..which may very well include some ” knitting for bunnies”, let us know. We’ll sign you up!

4 comments on “Working On…….

    • Hi Judy, You’ll have to come this summer and make your own version of Herbert! Rabbits can be quite whimsical, this has been a fun project and i love being able to knit or make bunny clothing! Thanks Judy!

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