If Rod Stewart were a chicken

He’d look like this……..Picture 770 This silkie rooster is one of the many ( 6 total? ) that my dear friend Sally gathered up during one of her epic chicken buying frenzies. I think 20 new birds landed at her place this past summer, and six of them ended up being roosters. They’ve been wintering here over the last few months, and after some talk about how practical ( not) it is to have more than one rooster, several are up for grabs.Picture 761 Roddy is one of them. As you can see, he is a beautiful silver grey silke, quite flamboyant actually. Very serious about impressing the ladies, and feels that his hairdo adds to his sex appeal. Anyone interested in owning him ? Free. Really, I mean how do you put a price on a rock and roll star chicken?Picture 760
Next up is a bit more traditionally feathered rooster, a grand boy who can really strut his stuff. He’s large, with beautiful bronze, crimson, and steel grey feathering. Also quite fond of the hens, he takes a less ” showboat” approach to his relationships. He doesn’t need to parade around stealing the show, he’s much more sophisticated and gentlemanly than that. If anything, he’s a bit aloof……this seems to woo the young hens he shares a coop with. Anybody need a rooster with both beauty and brawn? He’s your man. Also….free. All this free does not mean there is anything wrong with these fellas, but let’s face it ……6 roosters? Both will be a year old this spring, and truly they are such nice roosters, it would be too bad to not find them good homes. So, if your hens are looking for a nice husband or live in male roommate, let us know here at Fernwood, we’ll arrange a time for you to pick them up. Picture 776 This last photo is of H.P.( half pint) the rooster that will actually go back to live with Sally this summer, he’s an awfully sweet little guy and due to his size, feels a bit threatened with the idea of having to spend the summer with all these boys. So…….free roosters at Fernwood Nursery! Come and get’em!

3 comments on “If Rod Stewart were a chicken

  1. Stopped by again to see if the adoptions went thru. Being city folk, I don’t have experience with farm life. But when we bought our first home we did have a visitor
    Apparently neighbors who had a household of rambunctious kids( I’m being nice here!) Got a baby chick for Easter. Talk about tough birds…anyway it lived thru the chaos. My first day I hear something scratching at the back door. Surprise it’s a hen who is waiting. Apparently she had a route she visited every day where the neighborhood fed her a little something. She’d do her rounds and head back home. They must have let her out of the porch like a dog. She was street wise as she waited for traffic. I kid you not.

    • Hi Sue,
      Oh my goodness, that is too funny and too cute. I think people underestimate the personalities chickens have. It would be a long story to tell you this whole tale, but a good friend and neighbor of mine has a wonderful, beautiful rooster that has been being bullied by their rabbit, who lives with the chickens in the chicken coop and has taken on the social structure of “hen house” living, and positioning himself as the dominate “rooster” ( roosterbunny, that is). This had the original rooster quite upset with hurt feelings and he’s been seen actually moping around with his head hung and seeming quite lethargic. I mean, when you get your house overtaken by a bunny, things can’t be good. Amazing, huh? Perhaps we need to pair up the bunny bullied rooster with the street wise hen in your neighborhood. Oh geez! Have a fun and lovely day! P.S. no adoptions made for roosters as of yet, will keep you posted. denise

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