Where We’re At

barn waste spread into the field

barn waste spread into the field

Now that the greenhouse is being heated, it provides a space that at least feels like we’re working outdoors. This weekend we had another snow squall. A few inches perhaps, nothing too serious. Being able to work in the greenhouse, beginning to smell warm soil and carefully placing tiny seeds into flats, certainly helps to tolerate this prolonged winter weather. Still, we have our sights on what’s to come, and we glean every opportunity to tackle any “spring’ chore that can be done even while there is still snow on the ground. For instance, all the bedding that has come out of the barn through the winter and piled up is spread around one of the large vegetable gardens. I get very excited thinking about all this soil enriching goodness that accumulates during the winter and will slowly breakdown into the soil. It’s like money in the bank…..in the way of poop in a pile, that is. The leeks and peppers and eggplant have all been started. Trays and trays of both sweet and hot peppers. King Of The North, Jimmy Nardelo’s, Cubanelle Semi- Sweet, and Falvorburst are a few of our favorite sweet pepper varieties. On the hot side, we grow Anaheim, Czech Black, Long Red Narrow Cayenne, Hidalgo Serrano, Thai Hot, and lots of Early Jalapeno.Picture 782 This morning, once again, I will bring down more of the winter squash that is stored in a cool upstairs loft. These winter vegetables are a staple throughout the non growing months, and we love them, but we sure look forward to those first greens of the season. Just as soon as we can turn the soil in the hoop house, in go plugs of spinach, chard, kale, lettuce, and beets. Soon enough. The sun at the moment is peeking out from the east, a possible promise for the day. We hope you are all finding ways to greet the coming season…..planting a few seeds, forcing some spring bulbs, or designing your vegetable plots. Spring and warmth are bound to come!

16 comments on “Where We’re At

  1. Glad you have the greenhouse going so you’ll be ready when warm weather finally arrives. I was at a meeting in DC until yesterday with a friend from Boston; she went home to more snow and I arrived in SC to blue skies and 78 degrees. Keep the faith–it’s coming!

    • Hi Marian,
      The greenhouse is a blessing this time of year. At least while I’m in there sowing seeds and arranging space on the benches,, it is warm and toasty and smells of earth. Yes, in time spring will arrive here in the north and we will all be rejoice! Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  2. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty and redesigning one of my flower gardens and deciding what veggies to plant. YAY we are getting closer.

    • Hi Molly,
      Yes it’s true, everyday we truly are getting closer. And won’t it be soothing and pure delight when the soil warms and our hands are deep in it? I’m right with you there! Molly have you ever read any of Wendell Berry’s books. I have the feeling you would love them, let me know if you are familiar with him, I’ll pass on a few suggestion of his work if you haven’t read him already. Perhaps there is time for one more book before the spring work is upon us!

      • Hi Diane
        No I have not read any of Wendall Berry’s books. Have you read From the Orange Mailbox by A Carman Clark. She was a teacher in the Union Me area and her book is just filled with great gardening etc ideas in monthly format. Great read

        • Hello Molly,
          Wendell berry is a wonderful author/poet/farmer/ from Kentucky. He has written many books regarding agriculture and the loss of small diversified farms and their communities, he writes very thoughtful poetry, and wonderful fiction…..stories about rural farming communities and their connections to one another. I highly recommend his book, Hannah Coulter….it is a lovely story. I will check out the Orange Mailbox, there’s still time for some good reads before we hit the ground running. I love that the author is from a town not too far away!

        • I will have to look for Hanna Coulter. If you are not able to find The orange mailbox, You are welcome to borrow mine. I tried looking it up and it looks like you have to look under author’s name as there are some wierd things under book title. :+)

        • Thank you Molly, if you read Hannah Coulter…let me know what you think. I am re-reading one of Wendell Berry’s short stories right now, I’ll be interested in what you think! Happy Spring, Molly!

    • Thank you Naomi and thank you for reading! There are some days that I worry about boring the life out of our readers, thank you for the kind words and a reminder that this may not be true. Hope spring is around the corner for you and all!

  3. This is an exciting time of year for you! I won’t be gardening for a couple months yet, since I don’t plant from seed, but every day more snow melts and the sun gets a little higher in the sky!

    • Hi Kerry, Yes, we too are waiting for the piles of snow to melt…..still about 2 ft. on the ground. The greenhouse does help to create a micro environment for growing, right now it’s just flats of seeds sown, waiting to sprout. But it’s warm in there!!!! And this certainly helps.

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