Oh That Glorious Sun

Picture 799Picture 795The lambs have been taking advantage of this glorious sunshine. Sunbathing. Having a dreamy little mid afternoon sleep while the sun sinks into their bones. Aah! And when they’re not napping, they’re trying to make friends with the chickens, who are so happy to find a little bare ground to scratch in, they don’t seem to mind hanging with the sheep in the hoop house. The sun is out, the day is warm , it’s a very good day!

even warmer when you nap in a black plastic sled!

even warmer when you nap in a black plastic sled!

Picture 803Picture 817Picture 814

12 comments on “Oh That Glorious Sun

    • Hi Marion, Don’t you just want to stretch out in the hay with them, and yes, some belly rubs! Not a care in the world and so grateful for that warm sunshine! Hope you are enjoying warmth and sun in your part of the world. No wonder there are so many cultures that worship the sun!

    • The lambs spent most of the day sprawled out letting the sun bake them. It was almost too hot for the big sheep with their heavy coats, they’ll be happy to shed their fleeces during the first week of April when the shearer comes. It was so nice to go from house to greenhouse and back again without freezing in between! Hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

      • I rode the train with a friend to Exeter and we walked around the town, checked out a huge fabric store, had a late breakfast, and went to a nature display at Lamont Gallery, Phillips Exeter Academy. It was so nice to be out and about. Today I shoveled some snow off my raised beds without a coat. YEAH.

  1. Gosh, they’re so cute! We had a kid who loved sleeping in a large patio plant pot. It was really sweet, all curled up like so. I hope the warm weather decides to hang around awhile. 🙂

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks! yes these little lambs are rather cute ….when you mentioned having a kid curled up in a patio plant pot…did you mean goat kid, or one of your own babes? I’m trying to imagine a toddler taking a little afternoon snooze in a flower pot, either way……very sweet! Hope all is well in Ireland……snow here is finally melting, another 1 1/2 feet and were good to go! Oh yes,being from the good ol’ state of Maine…..you remember mud season don’t you? oooh boy!

      • Oh, yes, it was a kid goat. Since getting goats, I tend to refer to my kids as children to avoid confusion! I should have been clear. But that would be cute too! All is great here, weather still a bit on the cool side but getting there. Because of all the rain we are prone to getting, mud season can occur any time of year here so wellies are a must for everyone in the house.

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