Snow and Mud

Picture 843Winter has been reluctant to let go. Spring wants to take over, I know it does, but here in the north east the two seasons are overlapping and on some days, winter has continued to get the upper hand. On the days that spring does play a more dominate role….. sunshine, glorious warmth, and mud reminds us that it is in fact, Spring.

The mud season foot bridge out to the hoop house

The mud season foot bridge out to the hoop house

However, the traits of winter still show up too. Yesterday was cold, windy, and with a bit more snow. I’m not kidding. Hats on, hats off. Scarfs wrapped warmly around our necks, scarfs unwrapped and tossed aside. Woodstove still cranking, next day…..let’s open the windows! Geez!
Regardless of the weather, lambs are still being born and the seedlings are putting on growth. On Easter we had a set of twins, two ram lambs. And yesterday, another set, a ewe and a ram, who needed a bit of help making their way out. My friend Pia came over to help as midwife, and between the two of us we were able to assist two slippery babes out into the world. The first lamb delivered was very large and his front foot kept getting stuck against the ewe’s pelvis. The ewe kept pushing but couldn’t quite move that lamb out and beyond without some help. Thank goodness I was close by and could see that she was having a hard time. It was also super helpful to have another set of hands( Pia). Both sets of twins are doing very well and the ewe that needed help is just fine. Maybe that little ram lamb who was a bit stubborn about making his way into the world was waiting for a “spring” day. Can’t really blame him!Picture 833

9 comments on “Snow and Mud

    • Oh goodness Judy…..didn’t I say several posts back ” It’s still winter and that’s o.k.”? What was I thinking? For goodness sakes! Well, the lambs that are arriving make these winter prolonged days a bit more bearable…….fresh maple syrup helps too! Well, keep moving, keep believing spring will stand its ground, that winter’s ” out like lion” will at some point give in.
      best to you, denise

    • Oh it just has to, we can’t possibly be in a state of perpetual winter. Think Spring! Think Spring. Can you even believe that we still have over a foot of snow on the ground? Maine folk say it is just this kind of weather that keeps the population of the state from booming! it just very well may be! Thank you Marian……always glad for your posts, at least i know that plants are breaking ground somewhere!

    • My friend Pia was a terrific help in delivering the last pair of twins. It’s the absolute best to have a friend and neighbor who you can call to help pull out a couple of stuck lamb babies. Two sheep “midwives” are better than one! A few more ewes to lamb, hopefully uneventful in the delivery…that’s always best.

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